Off-road day out… in the caves!

If you are in Paris and would like to escape the city for a day or an afternoon to do something truly fun and amazing, please join us in our 4×4 adventure… in caves ! Yes, you read right. We take you to a very special place just one hour north of Paris, in the middle of a nice countryside, where there are hundreds of km of underground tunnels and grottos. This labyrinth has been completed by the Germans during II as it was there they were hiding all their equipments and armies before marching on Paris. Originally, the tunnels were made by people building Cathedrals, taking huge rocks from there.

off road france

This experience is truly amazing. First, you are briefed and trained on a normal 4×4. In small groups, you learn to master the basic techniques of off-road driving on a specifically designed course. This is already very good fun as you try to drive over obstacles, mud bath and over steep climbs. Then you head for the tunnels, turn on the lights… and of you go. Apart from your headlights, it is pitch black. And there are many obstacles in the tunnels before you get to the end…

off road france

This 4×4 day out is really fun. We can accommodate large groups as then we would split the whole group into smaller ones with various “workshops” to accomplish. For example: off-road techniques, a road trip with a roadbook, so you have to find your way. Then off road in the tunnels. We usually also bring in quads to make the day even more fun. We usually have lunch at a nearby restaurant, or we can organise a BBQ on site, depending on what you are looking for. All in all, this is a nice day out, with a great and unusual experience for your guests.

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