Molecular cuisine in Paris

This is this time of the year again, Xmas is all around us as the song says… Honestly we love this season of the year. Everyone is happy except the accountants who have so much work to do as companies close their accounts. And here is a great idea to get into the Xmas spirit, reward your team and have some good fun: a cooking class in Paris. Travel to the French capital to experience a fantastic culinary experience. We team up with one of the best chefs in France to give you the chance to experience first hand molecular gastronomy “à la française”.

Our chef Olivier, is a member of the “Toques Blanches Internationales”, a worldwide honorary organization where only the best have a seat. You will be welcomed in his kitchen in the centre of Paris, where he will first welcome you, and introduce you to the techniques of molecular cuisine. Then you will have the opportunity during a 3 hour cooking class to do it yourself. The class is followed by dinner (or lunch depending on the starting time you wish to have).

Of course the night does not have to be over then as we can either recommend or guide you to the hottest places in Paris to have some fun, or organise other activities, such as a midnight river cruise on a private boat, with champagne and music. This is a great way to appreciate Paris and its monuments, and very exclusive too. Do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to discuss your project.