Snowmobiles in the French Alps

Going to France in winter is great, especially if your plans are to go skiing or trekking in the Alps or Pyrenees. One thing we quite enjoy is driving snowmobiles. Unfortunately it is not possible to enjoy a drive everywhere in France as snowmobiles are quite regulated, however we have found a couple of spots where it is possible, and this experience truly does good to your event. We even have a driven session at night, for a spooky and unusual feeling.
There are two locations where one can drive a snowmobile: Les 2 Alpes and Chamrousse, both in the French Alps. We usually organise mini raids of 1h30 or 2h00, starting when the slopes close.  You arrive at the designated spot, meet your instructors – who are all qualified – and after a security briefing, you hop on the snowmobile for a unique driving session. The paths taken are both on and off piste. And this is quite something as you drive up the slopes. At the top, you get an amazing view over the resort.
Then it’s all downhill at good speed. This is quite fun, and a snowmobile is easy to control. Once you are at the bottom of the resort, you will all go for a deserved dinner in one of the great restaurants. Select between fine food or a more “robust” dinner with mountaineers specialties. This experience is truly good fun and is a nice add on to a ski trip.