Swim with dolphins in the Med

Do something extraordinary: swim with dolphins. In the south of France, in the Pelagos sanctuary, swim with dolphins and encounter whales, turtles and other marine mammals. Once dolphins are spotted, get into the water and enjoy this unique encounter. You may also spot whales, turtles, tuna shoals and make of this day a truly unique and memorable experience.

swim with dolphins

This experience takes a full day.

Arrive at the boat at 7.45am
Departure for the sanctuary: on board, breakfast, briefing, test of equipment (shorty and mask)
Dolphins are spotted by a plane, with constant radio communication with the boat.
Get into the water and enjoy this unique moment
Dolphins are wild and some species may be friendly and stay around for a while whilst others may simply leave quickly. Dolphins are wild animals and it is important to respect and protect them, it is the reason why it is not possible to touch them. They generally approach you in a distance between 2 and 10 meters, which does not allow you to touch them. Swim with dolphins is a truly magical, unique and unforgettable.
Once the dolphins have left, we look out for another shoal. The experience is repeated all day
Lunch at noon on the boat.
16H00/16H30, back to the harbor

swim with dolphins

This experience is usually done with a maximum of 10 participants. The boat is a mini private yacht, very exclusive, which gives your staff or clients a very special feeling. You also have enough room to feel comfortable. Drinks are provided as well as the lunch on board. This experience is truly amazing and it also offers the chance to spend a full day out at sea, which is also something nice to do. Want to know more ? Check out Swim with dolphins.