The best luxury hotels in Paris

We organise corporate events for a variety of clients, some of which are very VIP, and require the best in everything. One recurring question is about the accommodation. Is the hotel good ? How is the service ? Is it ideally located ? And of course we always have the same answers, yes, yes and yes, because we know where the best hotels are. So here is a quick selection of our best hotels in Paris.

best hotel paris

The Plaza Athénée: this is the best traditional image of France you can get, with a beautiful outside architecture, fantastic inner courtyard, rooms with 18th century furniture, balconies and terraces with gorgeous views of the city, a three star Michelin chef in the kitchen, and in the very heart of Paris. Very good, also very expensive.

best hotel paris

Le Meurice: equally expensive, Le Meurice is located almost next to the Louvre, and close to the luxury shops. The interior décor is fabulous, with a mix of Stark design, and 18th century feeling, this hotel is one of our favourites in Paris.

Four Seasons Hotel George V: this is also a landmark in the hotelier world of Paris. The hotel is the epitome of Parisian elegance and will take you back in time in the 18th century with traditional furniture, and a very opulent décor.

There are many more, such as the Fouquet’s Barrière, The Ritz Paris, or the Trianon in Versailles, but to be honest they are simply very expensive and do not offer that little something more than the previous three have. Other hotels will make you feel special, particularly because you are paying a lot, but the three previous will make you feel at home.

best hotel paris

But there are also other hotels, which are less expensive and equally good. Some have other characteristics which can also be appealing, such as being boutique, or design. Amongs them is the Royal Monceau, L’Hotel which was once the home of Oscar Wilde or the elegant Hotel Costes. In all cases, we will make sure your hotel fits your budget and gives you the best for your stay in Paris.

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