Wine tasting in St Emilion

France is known for its food… and its wine. And when speaking about wines, for most people, St Emilion is the sanctum sanctorum, the place where the best wine is made. Although this is exaggerated, St Emilion remains one of the best places to enjoy wines. This tiny village, famous the world over, offers a unique setting to discover, taste and appreciate wines.

wine tasting

For corporate events and seminars, we organize wine tasting sessions with the best oenologists. Although all can be tailor made, here are some usual guidelines about how this works:

You are welcomed by your oenologist
Learn about the vineyards of Bordeaux and the various domains
Learn of about wine assemblage
Learn how to assess wines, visually and by smell
Taste 3 different wines to put the course in practice
At the end of the wine tasting session, receive a complete file with the key points of your wine course and you will also receive a bottle wine especially selected by your oenologist.

wine tasting

This experience is ideal if you are staying around Bordeaux and a trip to St Emilion makes a nice day out during working seminars. We also try – time permitting, to visit one or two chateaux to see in reality, how wine is made, aged, tested and bottled. Contact us to know more about this experience and how we can best assist you in organising your event.