Beer tasting in Lille

To some, beer is just a refreshing drink, but for people in the north of France, beer is a lot more than just a drink. With Belgium just meters away, the North of France has a huge tradition for beers and many breweries are open for visits and tastings. We organise afternoon or evening beer tastings in Lille, the heart of brewing country, so that people can truly discover the variety of beers and tastes available.

beer tasting lille

Usually we start by visiting a famous brewery. The whole process of producing the beer, fermentation and so forth is explained, and the visit usually ends with a little tasting. But to get into the real tasting, we move on to see a very specific craftsman who has been producing beer for more than 20 years. He will explain the difference between “home made” and industrialized beer. He will also show you how to get different tastes depending on the beer you prefer.

beer tasting lille

You will taste 6 different beers chosen for their specificities. This beer tasting is usually held in the late afternoon or evening so we usually add some food to the experience. It can be canapés, but also traditional food from the North of France, which is quite tasty and goes nicely with the beers. This experience is done in Lille, which is easily accessible by Eurostar and plane. The beer tasting is usually the premise of the evening and we can easily organise other experiences whilst you are in Lille.

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