Create your own perfume in Paris

Paris is one of the greatest cities, and one that definitely participate to the good reputation of France. Paris is almost synonym to France for some. And to get into the French culture, there is nothing better than do something exclusive: create your very own perfume. This experience is ideal for smaller groups of up to 17 people – to be done for seminars, reward trips, vip trips and team building.

perfume creation paris

This is a very good activity to create bonding between participants as they will interact together, smelling, sniffing, mixing, to finally find the right blend. The best thing is that participants leave with their own creation…

This experience is done at a perfumer, almost at the feet of the Eiffel Tower. The program takes about three hours and reviews the following features:

  • How does a perfumer-designer work when he creates a perfume ? / How to manage the notions of intensity and tenacity of each note? / Understand by oneself the difficulty of the trade of nose.
  • This perfume workshop will initiate you to the art of creation : you will create your own perfume. After having discovered the different olfactory categories, the perfumer-designer will help you to write your formula, to weigh up and evaluate your making up.
  • Explanation of the making up of a perfume, of raw materials for the creation / Integration of the notion of head – heart – core. / Presentation of each olfactory aspect of a perfume / Writing of a perfume formula from these aspects / Creation of the making up / Valuation of your making-up
  • Knowledge : Understanding of the olfactory pyramid / Identification of the different aspects of a perfume / Initiation to the art of the creation. At the end of the perfume creation workshop, each participant goes back home with the bottle of his creation. Different options possible: the perfume you will create can be a perfume for the skin, a home fragrance, a perfume for a man, a woman, a child, for each season etc.

perfume creation