Dinner at Le Louvre Museum

Paris is a wonderful city and you should host one of your events there as there are so many things to see and to do. Paris is very attractive, and especially when it comes to culture. The Louvre is one emblem of the French culture. It is a stunning museum. You would need about a week, full time, to see all the exhibits. But most people focus on the main wing of the museum, which assembles some of the most famous and celebrated works of arts in the world: La Joconde, the Victory of Samothrace, The Wedding at Cana and many more.

dinner at louvre museum

Most of the time, Le Louvre is packed with tourists and one can hardly glance at La Joconde. However, if you really want to impress your guests, you can always get Le Louvre for yourself, when night falls. It is possible to privatise Le Louvre, and you can organise either a grand reception for up to 250 people under the Pyramid, and then have guide tours in smaller groups in the Denon wing where most of the treasures are. Dinner can be seated or standing, with music players, the food is always fine and excellent. The upside is of course the private tour. Groups are made of 20 people who will follow a professional guide. You will have Le Louvre just for yourself, and this is quite an amazing feeling to walk down the huge halls and wings without anybody else. And being able to spend time in front the paintings and sculptures is priceless.

dinner at louvre museum

And if you truly want to impress a few clients or partners, and if you are less than 25 people, we can organise your dinner in a specific open room, which is facing La Joconde. This is truly magical, but you will still have to privatise the museum just for your group. It is pricey, but the feeling and moments are priceless. We can also organise themed tours, such Italian renaissance paintings, or the more contemporary Da Vinci Code tour.

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