Do business in France

We are not just about having fun when organising your corporate event. We also have a team of specialists dedicated to help you do business in France. Our team are focused on sectors and can organise your event in France so that you learn more about the French market and the opportunities you may have in our country. It may be to discover the market, learn more about a specific segment or simply to meet people. Our team will work on a schedule, tailor made to your needs and requirements, so that you make the best of your trip in France.

Here are some examples:

Setting up a business a France: our team organised meetings with officials and representatives from our client to discuss the best ways to settle their research centre in France. This meant working on fiscal aspects, recruitments, social laws, and potential subsidies to be given to the client to settle their business in France. For each aspect, specific people were contacted and met, subjects discussed prior to organizing the meetings with our client. At the end of the process, they did set-up their research in France.

A view of the fashion market: France being an important country for fashion, we are regularly contacted by foreign companies wishing to understand and level their opportunities in France, as well as get ideas from what is done by all the major French houses. Therefore we are used to organise field trips where buyers come to France and tour and shop with us. We organise schedules of shops they should see, according to their brands and objectives. And this works quite well as buyers and designers usually go back with tons of ideas.

business in france

A corporate event with intelligence. We also organise corporate events where people work most of the time. And one objective is to bring in French specialists of their respective sectors in order to address keynote speeches to the audience. This may have a tremendous impact, especially when addressing a sales audience, and the keynote being all about how to sell to the French. Each time, we focus on the speakers for the value they can deliver to your audience in helping them improve their approach of the French market.

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