Fly a jet fighter in France

Fly a jet fighter in France. Is there a better reward than offering the thrills of a lifetime to your best achiever, best client or supplier ? We organise jet fighter rides in France: in Bordeaux, Paris and Beauvais (north of Paris). You can select the L39 Albatros or to fly in the Fouga Magister. A fighter jet flight is truly a unique experience, one that will imprint for the rest of the beneficiary’s life.

How does it work?

jet fighter

First you will be welcomed in our base for a good breakfast. Contrary to perception, it is important to eat a bit before flying a jet fighter as you burn a lot of calories in a very short period of time. Then you follow a full briefing with your instructor, your fighter pilot. After which you get dressed up with the suit and learn how to work the helmet and communications. Once you are ready, you climb into the cockpit. There, the pilot briefs you on the instruments and security procedures.

After that… it’s engines on! A typical flight has three phases. The first is “light maneuvers”, just to check how the passengers react to slow and easy maneuvers such as rolls and sharp turns. Then it goes on to a scenic, low level flight, so that you get the scenery at high speed a few feet from the ground. The sense of speed is very impressive. The second phase is then followed by full aerobatics, with rolls, loops and all the fun stuff.

jet fighter

Two cameras are recording the flight: one facing the front of the jet fighter, the other facing the passenger, so that you get a unique souvenir of your ride. Check out fly a jet fighter for additional information on our flights. This is a unique operations and many companies find in a jet fighter ride a truly unique gift to reward and motivate. Contact us for more information.