Incentive in Marseille

Marseille is one of those cities where you do not really know what to expect. It is seating on the beach, yet the city is enormous with millions of people. However, we think Marseille is a great location to get your teams to and organise a working week with colleagues. The city has many big hotels, some of which are very good and located by the “Vieux Port”, the old harbor, a nice and typical part of town. The best time to come to Marseille is in spring, when it is not too hot, and fall, when you can still enjoy what feels like the last days of summer. Here are a few things for which Marseille is a good destination for your incentive.

The weather. Provided you get there from April, you are almost guaranteed to get some sunny and warm weather. And that makes a difference in town as people tend to be more relaxed, are enjoying the terraces of the cafés at the end of their work day, and the entire city feels like it’s almost on holidays.

Very nice hotels. Depending on the number of people travelling, we have various hotels that we like to use. If your group is small and you are looking for luxury, Le Petit Nice Passédat is the perfect place. Just outside of the centre, by the sea, the hotel is a villa with a Michelin star chef. Everything there is exquisite. If you have a larger group, the Sofitel on the Vieux Port is very nice as well, offering great views over the city.

The Calanques. One of the most famous attractions of Marseille is The Calanques. They are all along the coastline and are natural oasis where the water turns turquoise. We usually organise boat trips, sail boats or motor boats, sometimes kayaks and this makes a very nice day out. We get food and wine on the boats, and most people enjoy a swim in the warm and clear waters of the Mediterranean.

Other activities. There are many things to do in and around Marseille. Such as wine tasting in the various properties that grow Provence wine. You can also try to cook the famous bouillabaisse, the local dish with the guidance of a chef. If you are more adventurous, there are some via ferratas in the Calanques, with paths literally over the water. You can also go mountain biking in the surroundings of Marseille, over the hills in the middle of nature. If you have more time, we can go diving, and we can also have a fun day out in the Riviera. St Tropez is just 2 hours away. A racing circuit is also nearby and we can organise a track day on supercars and even Formula 1.

Nightlife. Marseille is a fairly large city so there are many restaurants, including gastronomic ones, bars and nightclubs to choose from. We always try to find the right places according to your group and what you wish to do. Some bars and restaurants are on the beach, which also makes a nice evening out.

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