Speedriding in the French Alps

If your group is adventurous and likes to try new things, this one is for you : speedriding ! Prepare your winter corporate events by adding a very unique and unusual experience. Speedriding is a mix between paragliding and skiing. You ski down the slopes with a parachute like wing, and with enough speed, the chute will start to lift you off the slopes. And you will be flying! This is absolutely amazing, and one can start to have a lot of fun very quickly.

To teach you how to truly enjoy speedriding, we have teamed up with Cyrilde Pinard, who is a first class champion. She and her team, will guide you to best use the parachute, and how to ski with such a wing, how to jump, lift off, and truly have fun. This experience is ideal for any group wishing to explore a bit more what the mountains have to offer. We organise these sorties in Chamonix, and around. If you are interested, please call us.

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